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Who We are

Our Mission

SBA is a family of New Testament Churches, Partnering together, to fulfill the Great Commission, both locally and globally.

Our Vision

To Join God and each other in the making of new disciples and multiplication of new churches for His kingdom, until every person on the Florida Suncoast has had the opportunity to hear and respond to the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our Values

  • Contextual Relevance… as crucial for effective church resourcing. 
  • Competent, Trained Leadership… as imperative for church health. 
  • Conversion of Unbelievers… as primary for fulfilling he Great Commission. 
  • Cooperative Partnerships… as indispensable for accelerating Kingdom growth.  

Our Priorities

  • Spiritual Awakening –   Pursuing intimacy with God as the purpose for our existence and the desire of God’s heart for all people. 
  • Healthy Churches- Partnering with Churches to do whatever it takes to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. 
  • Church Planting- Planting healthy, growing, reproducing churches to reach the lost and unchurched in our Association. 
  • Pastoral Support- Perceiving that healthy and growing churches are led by healthy and growing pastors.